4 Days on the River Noire in Quebec

I recently spent 4 days paddling the Noire (Black) river in southern Quebec. I used Noire expeditions @ 819 778 6347 for a shuttle, real nice folks and being a solo paddler they gave me a break on the cost of the shuttle.

I used my wood canvas 16 ft Chestnut Pal canoe.

Here are some pics:


The river was really nice, lots of sandbars to camp on, great swimming, and with maps from Hap Wilson’s book “Rivers of the Ottawa Valley” I was able to portage the rapids I was not sure of and run those I felt comfortable with.

It’s a nice river, easy to run if you are not a real ww paddler and willing to portage around the big rapids. Water level can be a concern, a call to the outfitter will tell you if the river is runnable

Nice pics, looks like a great trip.

Cool pics
I like the pics. Makes me miss that part of the Country


Lovely river!
Looks like it has great camping potential!

Camping on the Norie
The beach campsites where endless, almost every turn of the river. Hap Wilsons guide “The Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley” was excellent, it covers the Norie, Dumoine, and my next years trip, the Coulounge. No need for topo’s, his maps of the river was right on.

Noire River YES!
Just got back from a 6 day trip on the Noire. Yes, many sandy beachs to camp on as well as nice camp sites near rapids. Did not see any humans for the six days. Several nice CLII rapids. Most all significant rapids can be portage, some of them are musts. One nasty portage " Mountain Chute " all the others are OK. Definitively would recommand the river. I am also thinking about the Coulonge next year and perhaps the Dumoine the following year.

Water levels now?
Simonbee, Did you find the water levels to be a problem now, as in too low at spots. That area down near the end of the trip, the boulder garden was fun for me as the water was high, but it seemed like it would have been tough at lower water. Robin

Noire Con’t
Our trip was from July 9 to July 15. Since this was the first time I ran the river I am not so familiar with the exact level we had, But judging from Hap book we where higher that the level he described. Looking at the shore, the level was down about a foot from a recent high level.

The only area we had some level problems was when the river open wide just before the Black River Inn otherwise no problem. The from Rapid 50/50 down to the Inn was a blast.


Beautiful Canoe
The canoe looks as natural in that setting as the river itself. Beatiful shots. Thank you,

Black River Trip Info
Hi there, I’m planning a 4 day trip on the Black and noticed that you ran a 4 day trip in 2005. Could you tell me what your put in was, and how agressive the trip was (i.e., how many hours per day you were paddling). thx!!