4 kayaks on a utility trailer ~ plans?

This past holiday weekend my wife, her brother, his GF and I drive down to spend 2 days on the Blackwater in FL. Great trip, except that my “I made these in 5 minutes” braces didn’t work at all and the top boats ended up just riding on the bottom boats and lots of new scratches are now present.

So I need to come up with a better way to haul 4 kayaks on my 5x8 trailer (longest is 12’), that’s fairly easy to install/remove so my trailer that normally hauls motorcycles, lawn mowers, fire wood, etc… isn’t hindered. It’s a fairly standard trailer with a metal frame and 2x12 lumber for the floor/sides, so I can screw something down.

I’m sure some of you have been down this road before, any help is appreciated (even things that Don’t work).

And since I like photos ~ this is one of my favorite from this past weekend:




Should be easy
Use a Stacker on round or square bars so the boats can be on their sides. Rope or straps to keep them in place. A few bolts and brackets to connect to the trailer.

heres mine
Here’s mome pics of mine. It’s made out of a 16’ boat trailer. The rack is made out of galvanized pipe & pool noodles for padding. It will easily haul 4 kayaks (on their sides)on the rack & I have put 2 smaller yaks in the bed. Since the pics were taken I added ratchet type straps in the front & rear to cut down on swaying in case of a panic stop. It is bolted to the trailer bed with 16 bolts that take about 10 min to remove and then lift out the rack to use as a utility trailer.