4 or 5mm cord

Where is the best place to buy some 4 or 5 mm accessory cord (rope)? Have read where some of you drill your gunwales and add loops for tie downs, just wondering if this 4 or 5mm climbing cord would be stronger? Any way anybody know where to get it without paying an arm and a leg for it?

Utility cord…
The utility cord I use on my canoe for a lace kit was purchased at a store that carries a lot of climbing gear. Luckily, I get a discount there; having done business there since mid 80s.

The climbing utility cord is a little pricey, but you’ll probably sell the boat, or wear it out before you have to replace the utility cord.

I know one boat I used it on, and later sold in the mid 90s, is now on it’s 3rd owner…same cord/no problems.


glad to hear that, now what size did you use 3, 4, 5, or 6 mm ? now if i can find some at a decent price.

I like the local REI
cordage is one of the few bargains left there.

I used 3 mm on boats I outfitted myself.

Mohawk Canoes uses 1/8 inch; my current whitewater canoe was outfitted by them.

I highly recommend that you take a tour of the whitewater outfitting section on Mohawk Canoes website.

They have some excellent diagrams of installing lacing by either thru the hull, or strap eye methods. I used the thru the hull method; never had any problems. “I didn’t say it’s better than strap eyes; I stated what I used”.

I have a few photos of the outfitting in my canoe. If you would like me to send you a couple of photos, send me your email address.

I have no way to post photos on pnet.


REI, outdoor stores
They will sell 3 or 4 mm cords for bearbag usage so you can buy the precut ones for pretty cheap or if you need more, they’ll sell you it by the foot. I would avoid all climbing ropes cause they are tested and certified which you probably don’t need for your usage so climbing ropes be they static or dynamic tend to be pricey.


Polyester rigging
I like polyester because it does not sag or stretch appreciably when wet. Such line can be found at yacht chandlerys or online at West Marine in the sailboat rigging section. Be advised that it is pricey, around $0.30/ft but it is more UV resistant than nylon for climbing applications.


5mm double braid dacron

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google it,,,you might find some lighter stuff through kite suppliers.




$.17 $.25/ft for 3 and 4mm polyester line.


$11.50/55' of 3mm

this is the deal


Price on 3 mm climbing utility cord
Just checked minutes ago.

Price on 3 mm climbing utility cord is 20 cents per foot.

You should be able to rig a lace kit for a solo canoe with about 50 feet.

20 cents per foot X 50 feet is $10.00, and will probably last the life of your boat.


Excellent link!
Thanks Lee.


…so a guy walks into a marine hardware
…store,then walks right out…"$.40/ft for regular 3/16" polyester line!!!"

But the 55’ spools of line are a decent deal,otherwise,a 1000’ roll of line could last a LONNGGGG time.

thanks everyone and thanks for the links