4 piece Greenland Paddle

When I made a 4 piece Greenland paddle with an adjustable loom, I ended up with the one part being too long to fit in a medium sized suitcase {next to socks and underwear etc.}{not an oversized bag} I like all the pieces to be the same length if possible. So I redesigned…now it fits. Both these paddles have 21 inch looms and are 86 inches long when assembled.

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Beautiful work!


Looks nice! Can we see a picture of the assembled paddle and maybe some details of the joints? Did you “fix” the adjustable loom?


Did you make this from scratch, or cut and add the joints to an existing paddle?

After doing the fiberglass work on my boat (detailed in another thread) I’ve been trying to think of other things I can now make with fiberglass - or carbon, but man it’s freakin’ expensive!

Sparky961, I make them from scratch. Make all the Plugs, molds, and Jigs from scratch too {Not for the faint of heart}

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Beautiful work!


Thanks Greg!

Adding both the Lendal parts and the adjustable loom parts in the same loom sections look to be adding about 2 1/2 oz to the total paddle weight. It does , however solve the carry problem and still have an adjustable feature. Not really viable for anything manufactured for sale because few need the feature in exchange for the 2 1/2 oz addition. {but it was a fun experiment to find this out}

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Do you sell your creations? If so where.

I’m not a sales oriented paddle maker. I just revel in the production and the testing of different shapes of Greenland paddles. {there is not just one shape } {there are a few , I have made around in different parts of the world} I originally started making multi- piece Greenland paddles because I couldn’t talk anyone else into making one for me when I needed one. {for air travel} At the time, my youngest daughter lived in Iceland. Everyone that I contacted {that was in the business of making Carbon paddles} told me that a carbon multi-piece Greenland paddle was too small of a market…they weren’t interested, and nobody, at that time even made a 2 piece Greenland paddle out of anything {I am the one responsible for the addition of a multi-piece Paddle being produced by Superior Kayaks LLC} …much less carbon . Since then some things have changed. Yet, to date nobody makes a 4 piece for travel. and what others produce still need an oversize bag in order to travel on airplanes.

If you need to clear space, I would be interested.
I have owned NLPs and Gear Lab paddles. I just needed a 2 piece; for storage, on road trips. Both had pluses and minues. Both where hollow cores. The noise was annoying. The NLP tended to leak at the seams. Then you could feel the swishing, along with the noise. Quality control was questionable, in both. NLP is now de-funk. Gear Lab is still going. Not sure, if Gear Lab’s quality has improved, since my early sample. I am back using wood. Lumpy is the main paddle whittler, in these parts.

Add me to the list of people who would love to have one of these if you ever decide to sell them. I can pack either of my folding sea kayaks in an airline non-oversize rolling duffel for free baggage but even the 3-piece Northern Lights paddle I bought is a couple of inches too long to fit in the bag (and frankly, I don’t much like the NLP). Last trip I took a 4-piece carbon shaft Cannon standard blade and really missed having a GP with me. Superior charges $700 for their multi-part GP so anything less than that would be a good value

i like that your paddle design, unlike the NLP’s, has the outer connection seams out in the blade section so when you slide your hands to or past the shoulder you are not hitting it. I find having the seams (on the NLP) right before the shoulder really annoying.