4-piece paddle advice needed

I want to buy a 4-piece paddle that I can fly with to places like Alaska and the Caribbean. (Still working on finding the right folding boat, too.)

The manufacturers I know of are Lendal, Werner, Aquabound. I’ve emailed Aquabound and they’ve been very responsive and helpful.

So any comments on which manufacturers are better – or are they all pretty much equal?

Also, is there anything about a 4-piece that I might not know about and should? Any do’s and don’t’s regarding purchase and use?

Two other things: I paddle with a wooden Greenland-style paddle but have used a 2-piece Euro in the past (unfeathered).

Also, the 4-piece will be used in salt water.

Thanks for any tips.


I have Lendal, Werner and Aquabound
4 piece paddles and I think the Lendal is the best. The Paddlokk system keeps the joints from wobbling and if I break any of the 4 parts it is replaceable by me. Additionally, I appreciate the versatility in the shaft length adjustment and the blades I can swap on and off. If you like GP’s, Feathercraft makes a pretty good 2 piece called the Klatwa.


info on Werner Camano
I’ve used a four-piece Werner Camano (all fiberglass) in salt water for six years, on and off. It’s not my regular paddle, so it gets used only a couple of times a month. I rinse it carefully with fresh water after every use. No problems with corrosion or looseness in the connections. It’s amazingly easy to take apart and put together: the connecting pieces are precisely shaped to be snug, but not bind.

I don’t love the Camano blade shape, but there are those who do.

It doesn’t offer the mix-and-match feature that the Lendals do. On the other hand, my memory of trying out the Lendals (I’ve never owned one) is that they were heavier than the Camano.

– Mark

Thanks, guys, for good info
Thank you both.

Dogmaticus, I would love a 2-piece GP like a Klatwa but would still have the problem of packing it. I assume a 4-piece is safer.



another for lendal…
rock solid joints in my experience and they are easily transported on a plane as carry on in a duffel.

I haven’t used any other brands, but after using Lendal for about the past four years I haven’t really looked. I have two different blade sets and shafts, and can mix and match. They feel as solid as a one piece and I’ve never had any problems, but I’m in the midwest and don’t paddle on salt water.

Werner …New 4pc For Sale $100

– Last Updated: Feb-04-08 10:04 PM EST –

I have a Werner Rio 4 pc paddle 195cm that has never been out of my house. Cost $175.00 + tax + shipping. The blades are yellow light weight fiberglass reinforced nylon and the shaft is fiberglass. I purchased the paddle with good intentions but it stopped there. I was going to put it on Craigslist along with the 2 different better NRS throw bags which I have used only one of during the instructor course.

4-piece paddle
Georgia Kayaker, I’m going to get something longer than 195 cm, but I sure thank you for thinking of me first.


While I like Lendals
and really like the Paddlock system, I really prefer a smaller blade. Eddyline makes their paddles in a 4 piece. The Windswift is a narrow 5" but very efficient blade. Eddyline used to make an UltraSwift with a 4" blade. These can occasionally be found used.

Deal on new Lendals
East of Maui in Charleston, SC is closing their doors and blowing out Lendal paddles http://www.eomkayaks.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=21_109&osCsid=8dad93b72235406743454900533a9259

the lendal
is thus far the most rock solid 4-piece i’ve used.

4-piece paddle
tsunamichuck, will check out the clearance on lendal paddles. thank you.