4 season outdoor storage ok?

Sorry to rehash what I’m sure is an old topic, but did a search and did’nt quite find the answer I was looking for. I’ve had my Tsunami 14.5 for a few weeks now. Thanks to all for the advice and opinions on it’s purchase. I’m very pleased! Just bought a home and was looking forward to a place to store the beauty, so you can imagine my disappointment when it would no way, no how fit down the basement steps!!! No garage in the house either. So I am now faced with having to properly store it out in the yard. I have it wrapped in a thick plastic tarp, propped up against a tree on it’s side. Don’t feel to good about it though. My wife said she’s heard of a big tupperware type storage bin specifically for kayaks, but I can’t seem to find it on the web. My main concern is heat, and damage from temp extremes as it will be out in the NY snow. Is permanent outdoor storage ok? Thanks!

heat and light

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Heat can be an issue - particularly if it is stored in such a way that it is deformed (an example being if strapped tightly to a roof of a car). During a heat wave, the kayak can assume this deformed shape as a permanent shape. From what you describe of your situation, this is not likely an issue. The sides of plastic kayaks are rather strong, so likely not any deformation there.

Sun (and UV rays) are also damaging to a kayak. Your condition sounds like it will be stored out of the sun, so also not an issue.

May be best to make sure you don't have water collected inside the boat for freezing periods. Always a chance that ice, as it expands when forms, can damage the kayak during freezing periods.

leave it to a calif guy to talk to us about our snow! just kidding.

a couple of giant kayak stores near where i live store their kayaks outside, on wood frames, with nothing to block the elements year round. but since your kayak is your baby, i can see why you’d want to take better care of it.

if you should keep your kayak under the plastic tarp, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation. you don’t want it to be so airtight that the daily condensation has nowhere to evaporate.

you can build a little rack using either wood or pvc pipes and just make sure it has a “roof” (slopped would be better than flat,) to block the sun. reason is the heat can deform a plastic kayak if improperly stored.

water freezing in the cockpit or bulkheads would only be a problem if it was in an enclosed, non-expandable, space AND the water at full capacity. then, expansion will crack something as stong as metal. on the other hand, if your kayak has rudder or skeg, it’s probably a good idea to keep water out of the tubing to prevent freezing problems.