4 seat sit on top

Experienced sea kayak instructor in search of a good option for a 4-person SOT kayak for use with two adults and two children.

They are currently only 10 months old but I’m hoping to use it throughout their young childhood. They’ll be in their own boats once they get big enough.

Any recommendations?

Bic Kalao is a four-seater. I have no experience with it, but had a Bic Scapa for a while - it was well-made and well-behaved on the water.

How about a Point 65 modular Tequila GTX? While they are infants and toddlers you could probably carry them in a 3-piece 2-seater configuration, then add middle sections to give each a seat while they are small kids and reconfigure the boat into a tandem or single once they are grown.


Easier to transport and store than a 3 or 4 seater hard shell, too.

Also, the Aquaglide inflatable 43 lb Chelan Tandem XP, which can accommodate 3 adults by sliding the track mounted seats (it has a kid-sized saddle seat between the standard seats and you could probably add another like it ahead of the bow paddler). It certainly looks roomy enough for two parents and a couple of small kids.


Both these examples give you a boat that can convert to regular solo or tandem use once the kids are big enough to paddle alone.