4 surfing which yak is better

I am planning a weekend trip to novascotia where there is some good surf have to make a choice between

tempest17 and prijon yukon expedition love both but haven’t surfed much in the t170 yet and just got the yukon. all opinions welcome!


Both are bad choices for surfing.

have their own characteristic that make ‘em pretty fun, far as surfin’ goes. Granted they aren’t great surf boats. you’ll need something flat bottomed, with fins if you really want to ‘surf’ BUT if touring along the coast and surfing some waves is your goal either boat would do OK. I’d say the Yukon is going to be more ‘fun’ as it’s shorter and rockered. The T does pretty good for it’s class…a sea kayak!

have fun


thanks steve
I like cathin waves in my t170 feels safe when the @#&%$ gets big.cold water bay of fundy will take ya out I paddle all year here gettin rolled in a wave in jan is no fun. I cant wait to take the yukon out in some weather. rudder should be arriving soon.