4 Touring Sit-on-tops

4 Touring Sit-on-top Kayaks,


Actual Usage or Speculation?
I have the RTM Disco. It’s playful day boat that can be surfed. It’s not what I would consider a “touring” boat as in long trip, supplies, multi-day type boat. Of the “heavy, rotomold” Ocean kayaks that were sort of dismissed, the Scupper Pro is actually not that heavy at around 60 pounds and has accommodated enough gear and supplies for my annual weeklong kayaking/camping trip in the Boston harbor Islands.

The Tarpon 160 can do the same but would be significantly heavier than the OK SP. The Midway can probably do a weekend but no way for a full week tour. The Disco, Midway and Scupper Pro are all bit more manueverable (i.e. more rockered) than the Tarpon 160 - just one of those personal preference things (as opposed to one being better than the other) of manueverability vs tracking.

We probably have different definitions of touring.


I agree about the Disco
I cannot see it as a touring boat. The Scupper Pro is no longer made but RTM makes a Tempo that is very similar.

Spent a Lot Of Time And Money
I spent a lot of time and money looking for a decent touring SOT.

Had all the usual suspects back in the day. The Seda Revenge (too heavy)

Kevlar HopOnTop 18 AKA Heritage Shearwater (Turned like an aircraft carrier),

Fiberglass HopOnTop 16 AKA Heritage Nomad (too Loud!)

I also have the RTM Disco. The Disco is nice for a smaller paddler, Still thinking about getting a Midway…

I came to the conclusion I really don’t need a touring SOT for anything. The longer lenght just seemed to get in my way more often than not in surf, rock gardens, and sea caves.

When I go up to the Mendocino Coast, I usually just wind up in someone’s Scupper Pro, or maybe even a Scrambler XT. Seems to work just fine in the sea caves, and all I take with me is a wetsuit, paddle, and PFD.

Touring SOT
I have owned the RTM Disco and Tempo

and own Kaskazi Pelican and Skua and have used them all in the ocean

If you can afford the Kaskazis, they have more storage and handle better in the ocean

Being moremaneuverable , the Kaskazi Marlin or Pelican may be a better choice

The Disco is limited in storage space

I don’t use my Disco much so I will be posting my Disco for sale on this site

I own a Current Designs Kestrel SOT, the 2009 version. It has ample room for camping gear for a multi day trip as long as you tend to be somewhat on the minimalist side. It handles well where I paddle, the Gulf and FL rivers. Unfortunately it is no longer in production. It has a front hatch, a hatch right behind the seat and a well for more gear held down by an adjustable net. I got rid of the seat and put in paddling to sit on. I also use the tigh straps which makes it very maneuverable. It is a great kayak.