400X ......Q's

Just wondering if there are any big changes in this boat over the years. I know they changed rudder systems…but does an 04 boat have any other “new and improved” advantages over an older model? Does '05 promise anything new?

Have they moved the rear bulkhead closer to the cockpit? How much room IS behind the seat?

Can you do a wet exit/re-entry without a paddle float?

I am searching the archives for info but get confused after reading so much, so I am wondering if/when any changes were made, such as straps on hatchcovers, was velcro, now staplocks??

How long has the 400 been in production?

Trying to decide if I would be happy with a used one or should I just go for a brand new one.

Anyone in DFW with a QCC I could look at?

Thanks for any input.

Just took delivery
on a new 400X for a friend.

The distance from the rear bulkhead to the inner aft edge of the cockpit is 6.5". I’m making a bottle holder/float holder using minicell foam for her. It will reside behind the backrest (installing an NSI band), and hold two quart size Nalgene bottles as well as the inflatable float.

Not familiar enough with QCC to answer your other queries.

Best of luck at ya.


400 has been around longer than…
QCC Kayaks! It was originally made but Quality Composite Corp (QCC pre “Kayaks”) for Swift. 500 too. The 600 and 700 are QCC originals they commisioned Winters to do.

As far as I know nothing but the rudder has changed since these have been QCC Kayak branded. Oh, side release buckles have replaced the Velco on the hatch straps too sometime in 2003.

Can’t comment on the boat itself much - too wide and too deep for me. Too short too.

Rescue with no float? Works on a narrower 700, but you don’t have to climb as high either.

Good Info…
Great responses guys, I had a feeling the 400

was a time tested design, if it has been around for 10+ years with no major changes then that should say it was done right the first time…

Makes me feel more at ease when looking in the used market…there is a great price on one here at Pnet’s classifieds, I’m just not to wild about orange trim on grey…:stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Kevlar '03

I bought it used this year. It’s my first year kayaking, so can’t offer you a lot of input other than I’m pretty happy with it.

It has plastic snap locks to hold the hatch covers on. They have leaked on me in the past. I just tightened them considerably and haven’t had it upside down or real wet since. I’m hoping that took care of it.

I haven’t tried a re-entry without a paddle float yet. Pretty easy with one. If you have specific questions you think I can answer, post them or send me an e-mail. Could shoot a few pics of it if you’d like to see any details.

The 400 is also
a Winters design.

His comments on the QCC site are interesting.

While the 400 doesn’t appeal to me, I can certainly see why it is so popular.

It’s quite a bit faster than I would have expected for a shorter boat. Edges very easily, just kinda pops right over into the secondary plane and then stops. Tracks well yet easy to turn.

Good do-all boat.


Looks like a great do all boat…

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I like that quote about it being the easiest boat to paddle at 4.5 knots. We like to take our time, goof off, and enjoy just being out in nature, efficency at crusing speeds is more important to me than top speed....It's no fun when you constantly take off from the rest of the pack only to wait for them around the next bend.
Where is the front bulkhead located? How much room between the foot braces and the bulkhead?
Greyak has some nice photos of his modded minicell bulkhead with the braces removed. Very nice...but thats a 700.. and it shows some nice evidence to construction detail as well. Great job

The distance between the front bulkhead and the end of the smart track rudder bracket is 1".

The front bulkhead is 55" from the tip of the bow.

The interior details of the cockpit is pretty much the same as the pictures Greyak posted a while back.

Hope this helps.

I have both the 400 and the 700, love both.

The 400 is really the better all around boat. It’s quite fast for a boat this wide, carves a tight turn, sails like a champ, skeg no rudder, fish with it, carries aload of gear for camping.

I’ve used it from the ocean to small backwaters and it handles them all. One of John Winters best designs.

thanks Goldfish
I like that answer, maximizes storage up front and reduces the volume of the cockpit.

I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with as far as a mount for the nalgene bottles and paddle float.

If you have the ability to snap a few pics when you’re done, please post them!


i really like my 400x.
too bad i have it up for sale right at the moment.

I saw that one…
Nice price but the ad says no shipping. It’s a long way from TX, why are you selling?

It seems that most people selling this boat are

doing so to move up to a 600 or 700.

if i move up…
(and it’s really not about that)it may only be to a 500 and that’ll be income tax time, provided i’ve sold the 400. i know, i’m not trying to move it very hard if i wont ship.

Will do…
I popped this thread into my archives so I can shoot you an E with pics when I finish it.

Pleasant waters.