45 in SW Michigan today

Great day to get outside.

Found one lure today and gave it away to some fishermen. They were happy. Found three yesterday and made a different fisherman very happy.

Saw hawks, heron (blue and green), ducks, and a deer. Saw lots of signs of beaver chowing down on bark.

Also saw signs of otter.

It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow so I hope to get out again before colder weather hits.


Nice photos during a gentle winter. We’ve had only about 35" of snow to date…average at this time is around 73". Not complaining and better yet, the Great Lakes water levels are receding. Sure hope that’s the same for the inland lakes once the ice melts.

Glad you guys are happy about 45F. That has been the high 3 of the past 4 days and the other day did not see 40F…that is not normal for us along the Gulf Coast. It would have been fine had the sun been out, however the sun has been hiding too.

I may get out three times this week which is delightful for mid-January when sometimes all the accessible water is frozen solid (and once frozen it’s stubborn to open up again). Yesterday people up here were talking about how warm it was (for winter) Starting tomorrow our weather goes back to normal which would be brutal for you but not too bad for us.

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In northern Nevada is in the low 60s which is way too warm.
It has been a dry winter. I would give anything for snow.

I’m sending two feet of snow your way free of charge.
two feet of snow


57F for a high in Central FL today. Beautiful sunny windy day with almost no one on the water because of the weather. I went to the Rainbow River which is a complete disaster of tubers and clueless kayakers on a nice day - almost empty today.

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38° on my paddle this morning.(NE FL)
yesterday, hit 500 days in a row
(yeah, it’s 5:45am right now, after a 10 mile paddle, I like early paddles)


Very nice raisins! I’m a bit jealous of you Florida paddlers but also feeling lucky to be able to get out occasionally up here.

I have a new boat in the garage but with temp in the 40s and wind , it will have to wait. Cold, windy paddling isn’t my thing. Upstate SC.