5.5 miles in a tub

and man am I sore!

As some of you know I am totally new to this, and decided to push myself a little. I have a little perception swifty that I got during the winter, and had it out for the second time since I bought it today.

paddled a total of 5.5 miles (According to google earth after the fact) in about an hour an a half, and man am I hurting.

had a great time. was on the huron river in ann arbor michigan, the dam pond by huron parkway and geddes lake for anyone in the area. Weather was great, light wind lots of sun, saw five other kayakers out to boot.

Paddled upstream (with the wind) till I came to a halt in the current, and went downstream (against the wind) again till I got to the damn, then with the wind up to the boat launch again.

Why did it take me 27 years to learn how much fun this is? :slight_smile:

It’s funny…
I am generally a whitewater kayaker (although I really like to fish from a rec. boat). Last spring we bought a Perception Sundance 9.5 for my wife. The rationale behind this was that we would be able to do a couple miles of flatwater river together…she in her Sundance, and me in my larger down-river boat. I have used her boat much more than she has now! On days that I just want a workout or if I don’t feel like whitewater I’ll just jump in her boat for a nice paddle. It’s also amazing what that little rec boat will handle. I’ve had it in class II whitewater, and used it for up-river attainment workouts. Mucho fun-o. I liked it so much that I just bought another rec boat for myself.

Enjoy the paddling. The swifty is a good entry level boat, although it’s usually outgrown quickly. The sundance is a nice boat, but if I were going to use it on larger lakes or resevoir type areas, I’d opt for something longer and faster.


Not only "how much fun it is"
but look what it does for you.

Yesterday we did an all out six miler staying aerobic the whole way, and on the way home my wife and I figured we probably just added another week to our lives.

It was a double treat.

After the six we returned by doing another six at a nature watching pace which was more medicine, but this time for the soul!



Rec boats Rock!
I’ve got an old Trinity bay Mallard that is fun in class 3 white water and surf. It is also great for every day paddling wherever I might be.

Just remember that you need float bags for your rec boat if your not in flat water.