5-6 day expedition needed

I’m a Canadian visiting California looking for a 5-6 day canoe trip for two. Moderate difficulty, with as much hiking on the side as possible, wilderness a must! Willing to go to arizona, pretty much anywhere within a 11 hour drive from LA. Thanks

Arizona trips

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Hi: While I am new to Az I have been fortunate enough to get on staff with a local outfitter. I have a little bit of info on a couple of trips that might be of interst to you,, If you need more info I will help as much as I can.
Hoover Dam to Eldorado Canyon 3 days
Hoover Dam to Cottonwood Cove NV 3-4 days
Hoover Dam to Katherine Landing 4-5 days

Davis Dam to to Castle Rock or Windsor Beach 3 days
Davis Dam to Parker Dam 4-5 days

All of theese trips offer great hiking opporunities. More info is available from the boss *g*.There are probably other trips I don't yet know about. I hope this helps..kim

Pyramid Lake
35 miles NE of Reno. High desert lake with surrounding desert. There is lots of civilization that is creeping up to the border of the Paiute Reservation, but the eastern side of the Lake is nice and remote. Mono Lake would be a good choice too. Winds can come suddenly on both lakes and there is no cell service for either area.

Thank you
Great thanks I’ll look into those, are they ok to do mid Beginning of march, no snow?

We paddle year around here s… No snow in sight…kim

p.s. I can get you more info from the office is you need it.

more info
Ya i’d love whatever you’ve got. I’m looking at the davis to Parker dam, it seems pretty good, but looks like alot of people there too? Are there many remote areas along that trip? It looks like once you are more south theres less civilization.

But yeah whatever you can tell me would be great!

trip inf
We are leaving today outfitting 60 people. I will be back sunday and get you some more info s.kim

Hahaha, I was calling around to some of the opperators in the area, but one of them couldn’t help me until sunday because they were getting 60 people ready to hit the water…sound familiar? Anyway Hellen i think her name was, is going to call me back with more info.

If your ever in NY
I can put you on all the canoing and hiking you want

Helen is awsome and will have the info you are looking for. 60 people succesfully launched…

Lake Mead
Try Lake Mead. The water is warmer and hiking is great. You can put in at Temple Bar, South Cove or Gregg’s Hideout. The lake is big enough to spend a couple of weeks paddling if you want. I’ve been living in the area for almost a year and find that either Lake Mead or Lake Mojave will suit your needs. Mead will give you much more solitude though.

But i think NY is a bit far for me to drive.