5 day georgian bay trip.

Just got back and finished up my trip report.a good time for sure.


Paddling the Bay
Great trip report. Georgian Bay has something for everyone. Funny with all the Bears around I have yet to see one while camping on GB. I may try to do the same trip next season.


It was a great trip.As I said in my trip I would stay away from the northern part towards point au baril though if I were to do it again.The lighthouse and offshore reef was cool,I guess sticking to the west out of the “downtown” feel of those islands might be ok!

I instead think going towards snake island in the south would be better than the north.

Again thanks for the kind comments

I reread the trip report and will do this trip next season. I have paddled out of point as beril and just camped on the outer islands. There is a lot of traffic but it’s still a nice paddle.

I watched the video of your roll. One thing to try is keep your head and back on the back deck longer. When you start comming out of the water and sit up it changes your triangle of stability. See if you can get someone’s white water kayak and practice. It’s easy then generalize it to the sea kayak. If you were closer to Barrie you could borrow one of mine.


cheers bro
Im gonna keep plugging away with the roll for the next few weeks.however my focus is getting a bit away from it right now planning out my solo ottawa river trip.

I agree point au baril is a nice spot,however I guess it’s what you can stand and what you can’t.Personally I hate even seeing powerboats!When I got into a area with “cottages”(hahahaha cottages…)I could almost puke lol.

The light house is worth visiting.I only wish I had a few bucks to donate,I sorta felt bad not as they were super friendly and informative.

seemed to be very healthy and very skittish.I was very happy to see how quick one took off on Wade island.I think he sorta stumbled on us really as soon as we stood up he was running.

Something I forgot to mention in my trip report is a kudo’s to the GLSKA (one of many associations)in maintaining the sites.Excellent stuff and we found very little to no garbage or damage to any sites.

And I guess Kudo’s to all the kayakers out there taking the low impact approach and policing ourselves.

This area is a very popular spot with kayakers. You should see the highway on a Friday night with all the kayaks on roof tops heading North. The concept of the Thunder boxes was from a few interest groups due to the amount of people using this area in the summer.

Again a great report and I’ll do the route next season unless we can fit it in this year.