5 minutes of fun sea kayaking in a Sisu LV

Got out the Go Pro and brought it with me yesterday paddling the Sisu LV on a beautiful morning. Just a ride-along video. It was a good morning.


Sweet! Especially enjoyed hearing the music of the sea instead of some dopey track.


Early morning Saturday and Sunday around high tide were both great days for those long rides. All of the shallow shoals were under enough water to support the waves continuing in. I bet I got a lot of miles in. It’s all fast and fun on the way in. Then I turn around and realize how far I have to go to start over. But that part is pretty enjoyable too.


How shallow is the water there? At first I was trying to figure out when the waves were going to pitch and then I realized you are surfing over a shoal off shore.

Looks like fun. wish I was on the ocean,. I only have great Lake wind driven waves to play in.

This is Mason Inlet on the north end of Wrightsville Beach, NC. There is no marked or dredged channel. This is a shallow inlet. It’s typical of similar inlets along the sandy shores of the southeast coast. Often, you will see a sandbar form in the middle just outside of the inlet that is exposed at lower tide levels, with channels of flowing water moving on either side of it. Off the shoulders of the inlet are consistently good, and these waves were forming nicely right down the center. The sand is always shifting, especially with every storm, so you’re always looking to find the best path at different water levels.

A lot of the time it’s wind driven waves here too. We had some unsettled system linger over us that was interacting on some level with tropical storm Arthur off shore last week. That left Saturday and Sunday with nice consistent swells. The Great Lakes have a beauty all their own. My fingers are crossed that I’ll get to experience some of that in July.

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Coaching at GLSKS in July???

Not coaching, I’m registered to participate. How about you?

Didn’t do the early registration this year. Now waiting for the next zoom meeting to learn what the final plans are.

You’ll be in the top group and will have a great time on Superior!

I moved to California in 1972 from the East Coast because the waves were better.