50 + lb fish landed in 10' kayak!

I just saw on the news where a young fella (early teens I think) landed a 52.8 lb striped bass in his small poly sot (looked like an Islander type hull). Didn’t catch where but I’m sure someone will fill in the details.

Good thing…
he had an SOT so his pee could run out right through a scupper hole… No doubt he was peeing his pants.

Kudos to him!

Big Fish
The local news channel here in Jersey reported that he was 14 years old and the fish was a striper caught offshore in Surf City.

Thats not any SOT
That an EMOTION SOT! A Yak fishing machine!!

Which Emotion?
Emotion has several nice yaks.The Fisherman is a fine yak for lake’s and salt water.The Exhilarator is great for smaller water’s.Good luck!

you guys sound like you
really like the emotion yaks, they look fast, but I’ve never had an oppurtunity to actually see one in person, how do you really feel about them?do they compare to a tarpon 140?