50 Miler

I am taking my Boy Scouts on a 50 miler in June 2009. We are trying to do the Suwannee,where would be agreat starting/stopping point.The scouts are beginners and love to fish.We have 5 days to do this in.

upper suwannee
you may get other opinions, but i like the upper reaches of the river better than the lower. for a trip of a bit over 50 miles, i’d recommend going from fargo to white springs. more of a wilderness feel, lots of good camping spots, and a bit of everything the river has to offer. i was on this section in march and while the river was low and slow it was passable without having to get out and drag. recent rains may have increased the flow. hope your trip is a success. -h

50 miler
Where can I get a detailed map of the journey from Fargo to White Springs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

section of the river is fine. I tend to agree with the upper being the best portion. You can go to…



You can call them and they will be glad to send you a map. Please be sure to check the water level before you paddle. http://mysuwanneeriver.com/realtimeriverlevels/realtimeriverlevels.asp


I hope this helps!

Big Shoal is a good lesson in
group judgement. It can be run sometimes… but always scout. It is likely your group will have to portage.

The excellent portage trail is river left.

This is a good opportunity for them to learn to carry gear and canoes efficiently…though if they have to make twenty six trips its not a big dea.

50 miler
I agree that the upper section is a wonderful place to paddle/camp. This outfitter has been very good to us in the past. They also put on a race in that same 50 miles every october.


Upper Suwannee
Just got off it coupla weeks ago

Be sure to park on high ground :>) It can come up fast & believe June is part of rainy season !