$50 Necky Manitou

Just scored this Manitou. Was out of state at the time. When I saw it come up on one of my ongoing searches I did a rapid contact w/ the owner, then reached out to a friend in the area (who also picked up my previous purchase of a Tsunami), and arranged for her to go by the next day, which fortunately she had off and pick it up for me.
It was pretty much site unseen other than two bad photos on the ad. Figured it was worth the risk.

Taking it to the water Mon for an overnight. I may finally have my skeg boat, we’ll see how it feels.

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Outstanding!! Good pick up - you gotta jump on super deals of good kayaks. Well done!

Nice score! Manitous are great kayaks. I have owned a 14 and a Sport (10’11”) and enjoyed both of them.

It the outer hatch covers are just protective like on my Arluk 1.9, be sure that you have the neoprene covers underneath.

Great deal!

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Wow! Are you for hire as a personal shopper? :wink:

The covers are a hard cover w/ a rubber lip. Haven’t experienced such a cover before. They don’t feel like they would stay on w/o the strap harness in rough water, but they are easy to open and close.
One harness is shot but I’ve already found one on TopKayaker to replace it. Until then I’ll just use some straps that I have.

My Eclipse has hard covers w/ a neo inner so that’s what I was expecting but once I started searching Necky covers I got educated. :wink:

As long as you’re patient and keep paying me a retainer. Only took a year and a half to find this one.
Of course I picked up three in the mean time. :joy:
Two have to go as we only have room for one each.

Just picked up these to go w/ my $50 Necky,
Two Hulavators and a Thule aero rack for $260.

The photos are from after I disassembled everything so they would fit in the 4Runner w/ our camp gear. Had to drive 330 miles one way to get them, figured camping was a good option while we were out. :grin: