50 rolls in a day.

I had the pleasure of meeting 2 p.nutters yesterday. I had heard they were serious kayakers.
One had recently turned 50 and had done 50 rolls in a day to commemorate the event.
He didn’t look too waterlogged.

Nice meeting you yesterday, as well. Got home about 11pm. Hope to paddle with both Pat and you, in the future.

Here is a video, of my birthday rolls. A few are missing, due to camera snafu-s

I didn’t mean to post it twice. I don’t know how to delete the extra.


@string said:
I didn’t mean to post it twice. I don’t know how to delete the extra.

Make sure you are signed in then move your cursor to the right top corner of your post. A gear symbol will appear you click on it and then on delete or edit when they appear. That’s it.

I hope you took a break in between rolls. I know after about 10 I start to get dizzy.

I also get dizzy after multiple repetitions. It’s worse for me since I am 76 and will need to do 76 successive rolls. My rolls are similar to those in the video, not quite layback … more like the Pawlata (extended paddle) roll.

these were done. the last hour of our paddle, I took the video, he is my son, after about 7 or 8, he would take a quick break
then start again, the area is in tenn. on south Holston lake, a beautiful place to paddle, except for the pontoon boats.

Belated happy birthday!

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What do you do next year? … 51?

Maybe? Or maybe some soft steakhouse rolls, and honey butter. Though 51 rolls, maybe heavy on the gut.