50 year old Grumman battleship canoe -- Aah, scout camp memories!

My local architectural salvage warehouse (Construction Junction in the east end of Pittsburgh) just put this donation out on their sales floor. Sure brings back some memories of scout camp, though per the S/N this is 1974 vintage so I would have been a counselor, not a scout, by then. 17 footer, must weigh 100 pounds. Thing is built like a battleship with hundreds of rivets. For $125 I was almost tempted to buy it and plant it in the yard to use as a pond


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My friend Rich has one of those and told me they were almost indestructible. He’s had it on waters a few times that were “not smart” to use his words. He told me he thought he was going to die but was certain the canoe would be just fine.

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We used those for pirate ships at a camp i attendid.

I remember the banging noises these made with multiple kids thrashing cheap metal shaft plastic blade paddles against the gunwales

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Or use it.

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Now that brings back memories.

Yes but that Grumman didn’t come with a sweet push button radio.

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Those old Grummans can carry just about anything.



Perhaps, look at the rental fleet at the rocky portion of the Suwannee River Music Park.

Or the outfitters that launch their rental clients at the Itchnetucky river by pushing the 50 year old canoe 50% off the dock with the bow two feet off the water. The guide then sits on the stern and has the renters climb in out to the bow and mid point before lowering the bow to water. Surprised none were dumped sideways into water.

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Me trying to solo paddle that thing would be like a chihuahua hitched to a dogsled.

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Grumman also made the most effective torpedo bomber plane used by the Allies during WW II, the F6F Hellcat. Masters of sheet aluminum fabrication.


The F4F Wildcat, F6 Hellcat with the highest number of downed enemy aircraft in the Pacific, the TBF Avenger, F8 Bearcat that was introduced too late in the war, the A6 Intruder, E-2 Hawkeye, EA-6B Prowler, F14 Tomcat. And a robust canoe. It was my introduction to water travel. Built to go to war, like their planes. You had to love them, even if they were heavy. Part of history.

The chihuahua would struggle, but I bet it wouldn’t quit.

It would just bug out its beady little eyes and yip and howl and snarl until somebody couldn’t stand the noise anymore and cut the harness.

I’m pretty stubborn when the going gets tough, but there’s a difference between perseverance and perseveration.

Chihuahuas. no me gusta. A breed that has attacked or bitten me for no apparent reason on 5 occasions. I relate well to virtually every kind of dog, but not those. In fact, I consider them more as large semi-furry insects with a chip on their shoulders. My new next door neighbors are feist-hoarders and release a dozen or more of their pack of small yappy dogs (majority with clear Mexican Hairless ancestry) into the fenced yard outside my bedroom window regularly day and night. I’m going to have to put a solid 6’ fence along the property line to get any peace, though I suspect they will still bark incessantly when I try to relax or entertain in the back yard even with a visual barrier. We do have bald eagles and great horned owls in the area – keep hoping they’ll drop by for a snack…

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They bark too much for me. I’d rather have Datsuns. They can sing happy birthday.

Dachshunds? Wiener dogs are very cool. Lotta hound in a small package. Not all small dogs are obnoxious. My brother had a pug that had plenty of personality and a good friend has a ball of fluff American Eskimo that’s an absolute sweetheart. The one pup in the next door gaggle that doesn’t bark but just watches me and wags his tail is a Jack Russell.

Yeah, Datsuns annd Puggles.

Too many letters in dachshund. They growl when we say weiner of hot dog, but they can sing happy birthday. I taught them.

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Very fast and smart. Loves water.

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I pictured you as more of a yellow lab guy, but recall pictures. My daughter had a series ofvyellow labs. Lost one to old age and two replacements to cancer in less than a yrar each. Now she has two oaffy black labs. Lazy from the heat.

Not yellow labs.