50 years today ; completely OT

Sometimes I’m amazed that she has stayed with me but she says the same thing.
Two very different people who didn’t have a clue what they agreed to. Sometimes I think neither of us knows how to quit. Or wants to.
I’ve been paddling twice this week. She has spent hours working on sewing/quilting. Today we’re going to the bookstore and out to dinner.
Happy Anniversary partner!


Happy 50th anniversary, string, to you and your bride! :clinking_glasses: :tada:

Thanks Rookie

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Happy anniversary.

50 years, my oh my.
Was this the first:


Good for you! Congrats string. Many happy years more to 'ya.

That’s great. Congrats. You’re doing something right.

Thanks everyone! A friend who celebrates 51 tomorrow has the best secret. " Yes dear".

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50 more String…Congrats!

The first 50 years are the hardest.

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Great line and so true in many cases. CONGRATS!

Your better half has my condolences! :wink: Congratulations on fooling her for half a century. You both deserve awards. We know who gets the one for tolerance and patience, and the other for luck and toeing the mark. Seriously that is quite a milestone!

Congrats, Strang. You must be one of those couples who tries to fix things instead of just going for replacement. Same boat here, and imo, a much better way of thinking.

Right now , we are taking a course on understanding each other better. There are still things to learn .

Does the earth still move for y’all? We just felt an earthquake way up here in the piedmont. Daughter’s house shook in Charlotte.

We slept through it. A friend’s house in Greer was shaken.

And she let’s me have boats!


FIfty years in.
Some grimace, some grin.
A plexus perplexes it’s plaintiffs.
But standing still true
avowed of I do’s
the echoes recede a more faint if.

And now no recession
to half-century’s progression
matrimony matriculates on.
And each to the other
shall puzzle much farther.
Love of mystery for some never gone.

Congratulations, a String in knot! Keep the faith.

Very nice! Thank you CWD.