5th Machias Lake Putin?

We are heading out to do the Machias in May. We want to put in Greeland Cove. I seem to recall reading a post about this, maybe from BoozeTalking, and I think maybe that is a private or something camp area. Can anyone give me the skinny on this? We do have alternatives but would really like to start up there. Many thanks.


Tried to put in there last year for

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a tour of that lake.

No one was home but there was an extensive camp (house and outbuildings) on the point, and IIRC there wasn't much area to camp on by the road. It seems to be a summer residence. There were branches down on road when I went in Oct and the house was snugged up for the winter. Don't think it is hunt/fish camp but it could be. No one was home Otherwise I would have asked to launch with willingness to pay.

Camped at outlet of 5th Machias

Took a trip up there in '12 and camped at the outlet of 5th Machias. I don’t know the spot you mention by that name. We got there late in afternoon and camped beside the road, within sight of the outlet, and that is from where we launched our trip the next morning. Sorry, I don’t know the name of the place. There were no buildings within sight. And we didn’t actually paddle more than a few strokes on the Lake.

Suggest you run your own shuttle. I thought the price of shuttle (from the commercial outfitter in that neighborhood) was beyond reasonable.