6 DAY Adventure on the river... overnight campout and no breaks from the river

Just wanted to share my recent Adventure of a 6 day paddle board trip on the river where I did the entire length of the stillwater river in western-Ohio. I was able to capture a decent amount of footage on my Gopro 8 and have been posting to my youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ-OB9EbCuDQBHzYg79wMxg I would greatly appreciate it if you checked it out and left a comment about what you think and tips to improve the quality of the videos. Everyone have a great day! Thank you!

More editing would help. The commentary sounds like an introvert with a hangover. No offense meant, But you need to lively up yourself. Put some more thought into the commentary or you could use a music soundtrack.

Thank you, It was definitely a bit different. It was my first time doing something like that recording it and everything so I just need to get used to it. The next one will be alot better. This was diffidently a trial phase.

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I quit watching at the long closeup of your finger. Without editing its unfit for human consumption. Dunno if Windows Movie Maker is still available but its a capable, uncomplicated and free editor.

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Gopro has a free editing program. I have not used the newer versions but the older version around the time of the GoPro3 wotked well. If you have an I phone you can edit the video using Imovie, but it is cumbersome, if you have a mac computer you can edit the video using that and it’s very easy. You can also add a sound track of audio commentary that you record after the fact. That makes for much better video usually. Also you can record audio on programs like Audacity and import it into your movie editor.