60km on the Ardeche: How technical?

A friend and I want to have a go at the 60-65km trek down the Ardeche as offered by “Oceanide Canoe” and “Canoe France”.

However, I’m hearing conflicting reports about how difficult it is. “Canoe France” describe the top of the course as “very technical”, but these guys (http://www.fellclub.org.uk/reports/Ardeche.htm) said it was fine for novices (Water levels were low when they went).

I’ve only been on a couple of easy rivers before and my mate is a total beginner, but we are both strong and, you know, able to move our arms and legs

So my 1st question is… Is the top of this course too technical? Should we stick to the 2 day run with all of the other gromits?

My 2nd question is… can anyone recommend a similarly spectacular river more suited to our lack-of-skill level?

We need to book asap so any thoughts would be hugely appreciated!!



Ardeche accounts

Be sure to pick up and paste the entire link if all of it is not highlighted in magenta.

You’ll find a list from a search I requested of trip reports on the Ardeche.

It sounds to me like, at normal to low water, the “technical” part is probably no more technical than the Buffalo below Ponca in Arkansas. Which is to say, people spill but pick up the pieces and go on.