6'3" Dagger

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So I was on a casual float this weekend when the outfitter I used shows up with a Dagger kayak that is 6'3". So he convinces me to try it out- keep in mind I'm also 6'3" and can barely fit. I managed to paddle it one mile and flipped it once. That thing was so sensitive to every movement- paddle stroke I made it made me wonder what exactly it can be used for???? Is this a whitewater kayak or just what is called a "play" boat??

I will admit, I have some great balance, but this thing was like sitting on a paper plate.....

Dagger advertise the KingPin
at 6’3" which is indeed a playboat. I don’t know the specs but probably very low volume especially in the stern for doing what the hell they do.

Different Strokes for Different Folks …
It’s for throwing around …



Believe it or not the Kingpin is pretty stable compared to a lot HP surfboats and waveskis. If you think that was like paddling a paper plate I have a wavemaster waveski that you would think is like surfing a bar of soap.

What water c onditions?
Wondering why the outfitter showed up with that boat rather than a more conservative (and less fussy) creeker or a river runner with a less catchy stern. As the beginning WW classes around get more loaded up with white-haired boomers rather than 20 yr old young men, seems that there are more creekers showing up for at least those first few runs to get the feel of the water.