65 degrees in southern New England - time to paddle!

Temps actually hit 70 degrees up around Boston yesterday, and were in the mid 60’s down in RI. I had to stay local, and saw a trip on my club’s message board for the Hunt River in East Greenwich, RI. Never been there, so decided to join in.

A typical section of the Hunt River
View from the take-out - a typical section of the Hunt River

The Hunt River twists and turns through a huge wetland that is part of the Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge – a 94-acre Audubon property. We paddled upstream against a strong wind and a surprisingly strong current. It was an uneventful trip until I decided to get out of my boat to take some pictures. I stepped out on an island that appeared to be solid ground, and immediately sank in the muck up to my knees. As I tried to turn around to get back in the boat I sank up to my thighs, and then my waist - I know because the zipper on my drysuit wasn’t closed all the way, and that water is COLD! Fortunately, Danny came to the rescue before things got too out of hand, and I managed to get back into the boat without tipping Danny over too.

Back in the boat with the help of Danny
Back in the boat with the help of Danny

Fun trip. Few more pictures here:

A memorable trip.

Seven degrees here - thanks for reminders of what paddling’s like in nice conditions!

Yettch to the muck stuck. That can be spooky - stepped out of my boat once to explore a small bay on Lake Michigan. Looked like firm sand. It wasn’t and I was past my knees in an instant, trying to remember how to get out of quicksand, if that what it was. That sure was an adrenaline rush.

That looks like a lovely spot for a paddle.

Brrr, never fun when the drysuit zipper is not closed correctly.

On a warm weather trip one of our paddlers needed a pit stop. She got out on a sandbar and immediately sunk to mid thigh. Her husband got her out while we looked the other way.

Sorry Rookie - it actually hit 74 here yesterday - warmest January day on record. My wife and I went to a couple of the local parks to take a walk, but couldn’t find a parking place. Everybody was out.

Water is cold though - rivers are in the mid 30’s, ocean is in the mid 40’s.

Fortunately the river was only about 10 feet wide at that point, and I had my boat to hold on to. I would have gotten myself out without too much difficulty, but I agree - yuck to the muck!

At least I didn’t have gloves on, so I was able to close it up quickly. Good reminder to check that.

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Beautiful spot, and with the wind, the current and the twists and turns it was more challenging than I expected.

Wish we had some of that weather.
I wanted to paddle so bad this weekend but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm with nearly a foot of fresh snow this weekend. Not that cold, but certainly discouraging!

Frankly, I find this “record breaking” weather disturbing. :pleading_face: Would much rather have the winter nor’easters and the swells (to surf) that go with it.


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