65N tandem weight distribution

We are new to kayaking and just bought the 65N tandem. Where should the 260 lb person sit relative to the 140 person— front or rear? Does it make a difference?

sure it makes a difference
You will only be able to find out by trying, but the odds are high that the larger person will need to go in back. With that much difference in weight, there is a likelihood that with the larger person in the bow, the trim of the kayak would be significantly down at the bow. A bow heavy boat is likely to be difficult to control.

On the other hand, you don’t want the boat to be way bow light either. A little bow light is OK but if the nose is pointing up in the air the boat will handle poorly.

If you need to you can probably help trim the boat by bringing a few empty polyethylene gallon milk or water containers with you when you paddle. Placing a couple of gallons of water way up in the bow of the boat, as far forward as you can get it, or way in the stern of the boat, and help level the trim.

In order to check the trim try to find a friend (in addition to your paddling partner) and go to a protected pond or lazy stream. Bring some 2-3 inch wide masking tape or duct tape. Put the empty boat in the water and let it float. Put a strip of tape on the hull sides near the bow and stern so that the tape is equally above the water line at each end.

Now get in the boat with your partner and a friend observing from shore. The tape strips will serve as an indicator as to whether the trim is way off. Neutral, or a little bow light is OK. If necessary, adjust trim with water-filled jugs.

Once you know what is required to adjust the trim it should remain pretty constant.

65N tandem weight distribution???
With the Point 65 kayaks, the front seat tends to be more in the center of the kayak actually. Although the difference should not be sufficient and this is contrary to most tandems, to maintain a better center of gravity, the heavier person would be better in the front.