7 degreee bent shaft paddle?


Does anyone have experience with this kind of low-angle bent shaft? When soloing our tandem I’d like to have more power and still be able to do a reasonable J.

I made a 5 degree that works OK.
It can still work adequately for low bracing. Because of the flexibility of the solid ash shaft, it probably bends a couple of extra degrees under full force.

I really like my Curtis Canoe Lutra…
It’s a “less bent” bent shaft paddle. It’s got a 9" by 20" blade and I think a 5 degree bend. All I can say is that I prefer it to my Bending Brances 14 degree bent shaft by a long shot. I get my Autumn Mist moving pretty good with it. I’m not sure, but I think N.T. told me Cricket made the paddles for Dave…

I agree with the rest,
as I have a 5 degree bent shaft paddle, and it is great for solo work over a 14 degree

because it offers more control. Definitely better for a J.

Actually, I prefer a kayak paddle for more versaility, power, and control.

Trivia: When Silver Creek was still in
business, at one time they offered a three (3) degree bent shaft whitewater canoe paddle. I bid on one at a fund-raiser auction, but a friend got it instead.

degrees of bentness
When we kneel, the straight paddle comes within ten degrees of square to the stroke, its most effective orientation, for over a foot in front of our knee to just behind the knee. This is cool because, when kneeling, we can rotate and reach far enough forward to isolate the forward stroke in that window. Better yet, that window doesn’t torque the boat much, so less yaw and less correction.

When we sit, we restrict our torso rotation and out reach. 12-14 dg bents square up from just at our knee to mid thigh. We’re usually sitting in an asymmetrical boat, so the stroke, being forward of widest beam, doesn’t torque the boat much.

A 5-7 degree bent would be ideal for some stance in the hull between kneeling and sitting. As no such stance seems to exist, so there is little use for mid range bents except as pizza peels.

Seriously, if you like a 5dg bent, fine. Nobody ever died because they used a 5-7dg bent paddle. It’s just less efficient than a straight when kneeling and a 14dg sitting.

High kneel
wouldn’t a high kneel be somewhere in between sitting and kneeling?

High kneeling
A high kneeling paddler is more upright than a paddler kneeling against a thwart or seat edge with both knees in the chine.

High kneelers have better reach and can take a longer stroke isolated further forward than paddlers kneeling against a seat.

You’ll see some Olympic paddlers using a 2-3dg bent, but consider the athleticism involved.

There must be more that …anyone?

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