7" purple twister tail plastic worms ...

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.... or blue color .

these things always produce nice fine and often large size ... Largemouth bass from lakes , ponds and especially reservours .

I personally prefer to use a split shot (small one) for my weight as opposed to the slip bullet type ... still use the worm hook though as normal .

Matter of fact , a bag of the plastic worms , some worm hooks and split shot is all you need to take out with ya ... and of course your rod and reel ... I prefer 8 lb. cause I KNOW HOW TO LOOSEN A DRAG ... shazzammm , maybe a half dozen hefty Largemouth in an evening short run on your local fav. lake .

If you ain't using this simple inexpensive deal , I suggest you do so ... sweet is what I've always said about it , it's my #1 , always has been , when Largemouth are the game .

Slow across the bottom , drag it over everything , feel the bottom , stop and pause now and then ... two light bumps is the usual hit , but not always ... drop the rod tip (don't let it feel you there) ... open the bail and let it run for a bit ... then click it closed and wait for the tightening of the line on the run ... set the hook straight up ... hang on !!!

I’ll try it.
I have permitted my reservoir to go undisturbed (by me) so far this summer, and it is inexcusable. I usually use a grub or tube on a 1/4 oz or 1/8 oz ball head jig in the weeds, but I don’t get big ones that way. I just get … some fish.

I always
have a rod rigged with them.For me black/red fire tail and blue metal-flake work best most often.Mostly 6" but 4" is good to.Never had much luck using the longer worms regardless of color or tail style.Without a doubt the best lure for fresh water.

fish size is like …

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.... rolling dice when it comes to using plastic worms , probably when using anything . It's the same worm used in the same way in the same fishin place , and the Largemouth bass can run the gamit of all the possible sizes , so when a smaller one bites , it's just because he found it first I guess ... when a 4-6 lb. one bites , guess it was his turn . Then there is that rare monster , a real bucket mouth size that you find once in a blue moon , the stuff of legend and myth . You just never know what size will bite next !!

Another thing about size is whatever the lake holds mostly avg. size wise is what you'll likely catch most of . This small reservoir we fished last Fri. had an avg. size of 16"-18" bass . I say that because that's what we caught the most of , with a couple smaller and one big one . Pretty much always the same story there .

Another pond we fish now and then has 12"-13" avg. bass , tons of them , but holds some 5 lb. and even the possible lunker in the there . It's all good fishin if you're hookin up .

Most of my Largemouth bassin is in my home state , MD. , and I would say a 5-6 lb. is a pretty big one around the places we catch them . I've run across the rare much larger ones before , but like I said , it's once in a blue moon .

We have or had a patch size for MD. , and that was 5 lb. ... way back when I used take the bass in and get it weighed if was a 5-6 lb. , after a few patches I stopped doing that . I toss them all back in now , even a fish that might weigh 7-8 lbs. . I've only caught one from MD. that made the 10 lb. range (most likely) and it broke off on an ariel break water stunt ... still cool though .

Fishin in Fl. lakes you can catch 5 lb.'ers all day long , places in TX. a 10 lb. bass is considered avg. ... so the where is another determining factor . I'm happy with my home waters , a lot of it is antisapation and just being there anyway , right ??

Still , the plastic worm is a winner and a presentation I'll always have faith in .

I got a friend who uses the 4" worm hooked crazy style in the middle w/o any weight , and he catches good bass on it too ... I haven't tried it but might someday (who knows) , works well for him anyway .

For me it's the 7" purple twister tail , old habbits die hard you know !!

An old motto of mine that I made up eons ago is ... "the more your line is in the water , the more fish you'll catch" ... I haven't been living by that motto much this year , but experience still pays off , luckily , smiles and tight lines to you all .

My sister in Florida only fishes with a BLACK plastic worm. Since it is Florida and weeds are everywhere it is usually Texas rigged. But in sandy lakes clear of most weeds it is rigged with the point out and no weight.

The funny thing is is is the only time she every fishes with and she catches as much as anyone else on a given day.

Rubber worms
Dear pilotwingz,

Rubber worms, or should I say plastic, are perhaps the best LMB lures but only if they are Culprit Worms in Moccassin or Crawdad, or the orginal Mann’s Jelly Worms in Blueberry or Grape.

Why, you might ask, because I said so is the answer.

Honestly I think there is a great deal of truth to the idea of sticking with what works. All of the worms and colors mentioned above have performed well for me so I’ve never had a reason to really get out there and try a different color.

I’ve tried oter colors and caught fish on them, but not to the extent that I have when I use the Fab 4. I think that has a lot to do with the confidence I have in those colors and the patience and persistence with which I fish them.

Anyone here might find 4 different colors that fish better for them. All I can say to that is then stick with them.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

and I’ll second that goobs …
… great post , still tryin to wipe the silly smile off my face , “because you say so” is good enough for me and my funny bone .

yeah , it was the original Mann’s grape jellys (great thin , long and flat twister tails) that got me believing in worming for Largemouth . It’s not easy to find those ol Mann’s around these parts anymore , but they had it all going on I think !!

Mann’sJelly Worms
Dear pilotwingz,

I buy them direct from Mann’s Bait Company. They sell over the internet just like anyplace else.

I bought about 10 poundsof all my favorite colors of Jelly worms and Sting Ray grubs a couple of years ago.

All the old favorites still work too.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

guess what …

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.... I looked up the Mann's bait co. on line after reading your post goobs .

It' s right there just like you said , and I was exited to find the original jelly worms again ... but somewhere in the long time lapse since I used to use them religiously , I must have gotten confused about the tail type . It's not a flat thin twister tail at all , it's the throb type . For some reason I've been thinking and remembering it more like their auger tail .

The worms I've been using for along time now are Culpert's I think , and any other that has that long thin twister tail type .

Weird how the mind and memory works . Thanks for the heads up on the Mann's Co. on line ... I'm going to order some original jelly's anyway even though they aren't the twister tail I thought they use to be ... and they come in 6" or 8" . not 7" but that's ok too ... thay worked great before so I'll expect no different now !!

Besides , my post idea is about throwing plastic worms cause they're always (almost :-) great producers on Largemouth .

There's one thing about throwin plastic worms sometimes , especially in the wood and under water trees and limbs ... although they are virtually weedless and can go through and over most anything , they are also an irresistable temptation to Bluegills who hang in the same haunts as the Largemouth we're targeting .

Reason I mention this about Bluegills is ... the little rats seem to always be biting and biting at the worm if they find it ... and it's when one takes a good bite and runs off with it in heavy wood cover that he finally reaches the end of his rope . At that point if he's determined to hang on he'll stretch the worm and disengage the weedless hook ... and pop it goes like a sling shot out his mouth and many times ends up like a dart into the nearest log or wood ... in ya go to recover it and so much for hopes of a big bass in that spot , time for another spot ... Bluegill bandits !!

Little farts , in some places with thick wood cover this can happen 20 times a day . And though it gets frustrating somewhat , we still for some reason don't seem to mind the little bandits messin with the worm , keeps things interesting ya know :-)