7 year old paddling

for the second time. My granddaughter in A WS Piccolo and using an ONNO kids paddle.


Nice technique - she must have a very good coach.

I’ll take the blame
First time I took her out, I coached her quite a bit. Told her how and where to hold the paddle, how to change direction, But the first thing I did was have her just sit in the boat, the wiggle a bit, to get the feel of the Piccolo. It’s a pretty narrow boat.

Later on, as we were paddling an elderly gentleman was paddling in the other direction, I noticed that he was holding his hands too close together and suggested that he spread his hands out, He tried it and was amazed, I was dumbstruck that he never figured that out for himself!

A very good coach indeed!
Loved seeing the zipper of her little PFD move from side to side.

She’s seven, well outfitted, and paddles better than most of the adults I see here at home. You did good! And so did she.

A proper paddle helps
I adjusted it to be sized for her, Patrick has a young son and built paddles for him, so I asked him to send me one. Carbon shaft, plastic blades, adjustable feather and length.

good job!
Great little paddler there! I loved it when she flashed that smile on her way past! Great job getting the next generation involved!

I Agree! Lots of Poise and Confidence
Deep inside, she knows she learned a skill that few kids her age can do. Bet next year, there will be videos of her doing rolls? The 2024 Olympics is 8 years away. In a couple of years, maybe grandpa will buy her an Olympic K-1 racer and a Onno Small Wing Paddle, which will perfect her stroke?

great stuff andy

That’s great!