70 miles Great Pee Dee SC 1 Day

Looking to plan a date to go from Marion to Georgetown in one day. Maybe meet at landing and camp the night before so that we could leave super early. Who’s interested?

I Live in Lexington SC and know a few who have done the 56 miler on the Congaree in one day but 70 on the Great Pee Dee? WOW. I suppose you gotta catch it at high flow and/or paddle a pretty fast boat. With spring flows slowing down, I am guessing you have a fast boat!

it’s a tall feat.

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I have a 16' Tarpon. We did a 20 mile stretch last Sunday in just under 5 hours. I haven't factored in the slowing of the current and I'm not sure if I can paddle all 70 in 1 day. I am going to do an overnighter and break the trip into 2 days in the near future. I also live very close to the Pee Dee and plan on paddling different segments to see if I can maintain a fast enough pace to try the run in 1 day. I will also be training to run a half marathon in ATL in Oct, so I should be in excellent shape.
AND- If no one here can claim to have completed this paddle, we can lay claim to being the first to do it. ;)

That is a tough challege.
The Great Pee Dee always looked like a river of mud to me.

When you get near Georgetown, tide and wind can be major factors.

I think I’ll stick to the Little P D.

Good luck on your adventure!

I love the Great Pee Dee
Yes, it would be great to hit Georgetown on outgoing tide. Arms and shoulders would just love to paddle high tide after 70 miles.

Little P.D. and Lumber
Yeah String, I paddled the last few miles of the Lumber into the Little Pee Dee for a few miles at really high flows a few years ago. Much like the Edisto but with some more houses. Still pretty!

The houses run out not too far from
the confluence.

*Update Overnighter
I had the wife drop me and a friend off Friday nite about 9:30 at the landing off hwy 76 in Marion. Water temp was warm and steamy making it a little hard to see the water. Bazillions of bugs so headlamp was not recommended. More bats than I’ve ever seen. A couple snakes in the first mile and I must admit to screaming like a girl and paddling hyper speed for about 50’ because I felt my kayak raise up out of the water several inches. By now we were having a blast. The creepiness definitely made things fun. My bud had a hole in his boat from dragging on concrete so by midnight we were having to beach so he could dump about 50 gallons of water out. Took us 8 hours to get to Dewits bluff which had previously only taken me 5 hours to complete. Water was super low and flow rate was down. Got out at bridge at 378 and called for pick up. Total trip 14 hours 32 miles. Not bad for paddling through the night after working all day Friday. And the boat issues slowed us until we crammed rubber worms in the hole. Good times.