$700 for new Argosy and Vagabond?

Is $700 a good deal for a new Wenonah Argosy and Vagabond? They are both Royalex with vinyl gunwales and a height adjustable cane seat.

I don’t really need a boat, but a small, out-of-business dealer in my town is selling off these last two boats with $700 tags on each. I don’t have a green canoe. Why pass up a deal?

If it is a deal. I don’t know current market prices on these kinds of canoes, but the Wenonah site list price on both is $1200. The guy seems very motivated. Maybe he’d even negotiate further.

My eye likes the Vagabond better even though I’ve never paddled it.

Not sure exactly why I’m posting this. Probably hoping I’ll get talked out of an impulse purchase.

Those are good prices.
Just make sure they haven’t been stored in Chernobyl.

Definitely good prices.
Vagabond is very good on windy days compared to a royalex Yellowstone Solo, which I believe you are familiar with.

I’ve never paddled the Argosy.

Reasonable prices
I have owned both. I still own the Argosy. I sold the Vagabond about a year ago, in good condition, for $450 bucks. The Vagabond is a higher volume boat that is not as trim sensitive as the Argosy. The Argosy is probably faster and, when properly trimmed, is more manueverable.

The Vagabond went on the blocks not because I did not like it, but because I had replaced it. My wife uses the Argosy. I paid $850 for the Argosy from a dealer about four years ago.


Can you list the name of the dealer?
So those interested could investigate further?

A Steal
We paid about $700 for a couple year old, gently used Vagabond for my wife.

If you want/need one it’s a great deal
If you don’t want/need one it’s just background noise

The dealer
The dealer or former dealer is this place, Trading Post North:


I stopped in because I was looking for some foam roof blocks, and found out he was out of the paddle sport business except for some rental boats and these two remaining Wenonahs. He had a used pair of blocks but wouldn’t sell them because he needed them for his one remaining rental tandem canoe.

I probably need the money now for roof racks. So, if someone local buys the boats, please let me paddle them someday.