When putting i put my 70p on my glass boat do i just screw it in???or put some type of sealant on the screw holes???



I use a brass bolt through the compass ring then the deck, to an “o” ring, brass washer & nut. I dab a bit of silicone on the bolt to hold all the little bits together. One last dab of silicone after tightening seems to keep the sharp edges from puncturing my dry bags. Three installation and four years later I’ve yet to have a problem. Some people put a dab of silicone in the compass recess to keep the globe from shifting around later in it’s life. YMMV

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I don’t know what a 70P is
but I am resonably certain that silicone on the screws is always a good idea, at the very worse it shouldn’t hurt.

What Jed said
and a clarification: Brass screws or a non-magnetic alloy of stainless steel. Otherwise you will will compromise accuracy.


splurg for marine ss machine screws, nylocs and neoprene washers. maybe $2.

much cleaner install and NO chance of ripping drybags or other kit on the screw tips. seen it more than once.


What they said, but…
If you use screws and don’t trim the point off you can get away with a dollop of silicone. Don’t do like I did and seal the hatch, as it won’t cure, especially in the cold. After a few days I took it inside, opened the hatch and it cured in a few hours.


Yes Nylocs and SS
Nylocs are the way to go like Flatpic suggested. The nut are nicely rounded off and smooth.

Do what flatpick said…

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Several bucks to never have to worry about snagging a drybag, etc. plus through bolting as an (uneeded but) added advantage. Do it right the first time. If possible, select a bolt length just long enough to go through the compass housing and deck and engage all or most of the the threads in the nylon portion of the nyloc, but not stick out beyond the nyloc--snag hazard again. Otherwise you can cut the bolt to length and use a die to rethread the end. A dab or two of 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant FastCure 4200 would probably be a better sealing option for the marine environment than silicone, but for this application, 100% silicone will probably be just fine. I've used both on a couple of 70P installations and had no trouble with either.

Good luck!

just put 2 nylocs on. one to tighten and one to cover the end of too-long of screws.

I have cout and filed 'em off. :stuck_out_tongue: yuck.

the 2X nyloc is waaaaayyyy ezier.


I like it
Thanks for the tip. I`m getting set to take a 70P off of an old boat and reinstall it on my new boat. Brass works for me and would be easy to file smooth and flush to the nut before covering with silicone. Maybe a little duck tape as well.


All you need is screws and sealant

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I've installed a bunch of these using nothing but the stock screws and some sealant around the holes. When installing them in a plastic boat, sealant isn't even necessary as long as the holes you drill are small enough that the plastic seals the threads. If the screws protrude, just snip them off and put a dab of sealer over the ends.

Compasses are not under any stress trying to pull them from the deck, so nuts and bolts are overkill. They won't hurt, but it makes the installation more expensive and more time consuming with no benefit.

no benefit???
I know we don’t see I 2 I on this but…

if you have ever tried to ‘snip’ off a stainless steel sheet metal screw you will find that standard cutters (wire,dikes, ?) will barely make a dent in the steel. especially when you are contorted to try and get to 'em under the deck. Plus any torquing on the screws will disrupt your sealant bond.

The benefit of screws/nuts/neo washers is:

ease of clean install (no sealant)

smooth screw ends (no ripped kit)

ease of possible future adjustment (no sealant to disrupt)

get to go shopping (always fun spending $ in a marine store) :wink:

steve (bored at work)

Good point…

Can you buy the nylocs and ss hardware?

marine store
West Marine or any good marine store. lots of g

‘good’ hardware stores have ss, as well.

if not aldercreek.com can sell you everything you need. It’s a kayak store out in Portland, OR.


It’s never been an issue

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On most of the boats I've installed 70Ps in, the screw ends have not been an issue, as they're tucked so high up in a recess that nothing is going touch them. I figure that if I can't easily get to them with my hands, my gear can't get to them either.

I've nipped off the ends of the provided screws (only the lower two) without any problems when necessary and dabbed them with sealant. Speaking of which, O-rings would work, too, but I don't see where applying a dab of sealant to a screw is any more work than putting an O-ring on one. To date, I've never had any gear damaged by the compass screws, nor has anyone I've installed them for. Believe me, if I thought it was necessary, I'd use different hardware.

Perhaps it's due to working on different boats with different compass recess designs and locations. All of the installs I've done have been on British boats (VCP, NDK and Nigel Foster). I remember having to snip off two screws on my Silhouette, but that may be the only one. Some of these boats have had recesses in the cockpit, rather than in forward storage compartment, so the ends of the screws didn't matter. I've never been able to contact a cockpit compass recess when seated in the boat

To each, his own, I guess.