'70's Model Frontiersman Double Kayak

I’m hoping someone can help me with a strange request.

Frontiersman Fiberglass Products was, at one time, located in Mission, British Columbia. They made some kayaks during the mid-late '70’s. Maybe longer. I guess they dropped kayak production and focused on canoes. I’m guessing that they are out of business now though some of their canoes are still around.

I have no interest in their canoes. What I am looking for is information on their double kayaks and if possible something from the '70’s - early '80’s. Does anyone have one of these, have photos of one, have technical/sales info on one or can direct me to somebody who might be able to help me?

Strange request, I know. Very specific. Thanks!

Here’s one for sale but don’t know if it’s a tandem: Frontiersman Vintage Kayak from the 70s era fiberglass

A guy by the name of Bernie Swanson bought the tandem in 2004. Maybe he’s still around?


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Thanks, Rookie.

I had found that Bernie Swanson link earlier. I’ve put out a bunch of feelers and hoping for the best. On that Red boat in Shelton (a place were I paddle from time-to-time) the shear seam and cockpit combing seem like ancestors of the NC boats made in Tacoma. Note that the cockpit coaming doesn’t have a rim to retain a skirt.

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Oops. Didn’t see the red deck, only the white hull on that FB ad.

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