8 Day Everglades trip on SPOT

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Trip report, photos and route of our 8 day Flamingo to Everglades city paddle. http://www.spotadventures.com/trip/view/?trip_id=295430 The day after Kathy and I went out for a 5 day loop from Everglades City and after being together 11 years got engaged wearing head nets at Lopez river! http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2117383800100237328SEwVbV


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but Graveyard wasn't buggy for you?

For our trip the Nightmare was the wrong tide but we loved the Labyrinth!

Highland Beach just screams hammock. I forgot mine when we camped there!

looks like weather was calm and sunny for you.. Not quite like our trip last month of hot and cold and windy and hail.

Ever do the Northside route?

Graveyard is always buggy…

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...and has the worlds smartest racoons. Some fisherman camped there with us discovered a racoon in there trash bag that was hanging 8 feet off the ground suspended between 2 trees. It had climbed out on the rope suspended between the trees a dropped into their trash and was just having a good old time there. We had a tail tide most of the time.
I timed the trip to the tides. On the day we did the nightmare we rode the tide up to Harney river chickee from the gulf. The tide changed while we ate lunch and then rode the tide down through the nightmare. Doing this trip from South to North worked very well with the winds. We rarely had head winds and the day we turned North West to go up the Rogers River a cold front came through and along with the tide pushed us all the way to Willy Willy.

Northside Route
If you mean the back route from Sunday Bay to Last Huston. I’ve been doing that for almost 20 years. My old topos are torn at the folds but still work!

Good for you on the tides
We would have had to wait three days for the tides to be right.We had to cut out at Broad Creek after starting from Harney.

I bear sprayed the coons at Graveyard and they took tail.

Yes that was the Northside route… I just learned of it and never again will follow the magenta line… We also did the Labyrinth out of Watsons River to Shark River and found it a blast.

Congrats Joel !
It’s about time.

What beach, swamp, river or stream will you exchange vows at ?

Jack L

Court house
Justice of the peace type thing.

We made one big mistake taking …
the “Nightmare” the other day !

we checked the tide on our GPS units, and it was a “high-high” for the day at the closest two tide stations, so even though it was outflowing from the Broad River we decided to go for it.

We had no problem until almost at the very end where it is only a few feet wide, and there was a immovable 10" log just about an inch under the surface spanning the width.

It was not a good scene in a 100 pound 23 foot long expedition kayak, loaded with five days of water and supplies with mud up to my hips, cursing the 10,000 mosquitoes and my stupidity!

jack L

An easy mistake to make!
Did you drag over the log?

Congrats Joel!
Happy for you and Kathy both! And it’s about time!


For several minutes I thought we would be spending half the night there, but with some mighty tugs while sinking in mud I was able to get the boat over it.

I only have a four inch scab on my leg as a momento of the occasion. I think as I was sinking in the mud it must have scraped a sharp something?

I thought I pulled a muscle in my upper arm too, but after a good dose of ibuprofen that was better.

What’s a good trip without a few hairy moments to remember!

The next night on Highland beach watching the sunset with Nanci more than made up for it.

Jack L

I love Higland Beach!

Thanks Jack and Andy!