8 Dead as Canoers Sucked into Turbines

Awful story here



How many were killed on our highways
today ?

Why do people like to post morbid crap like this ???

Not so many cheers,


I posted
this not because it was morbid but to emphasize we face consequences for each decision we make.

In response to JackL…
Because it’s relevant to our sport, and could serve as a safety warning to our paddling brethren? Maybe contribute to an awareness that could save a life?

Is that a good enough 2(3) reasons? :slight_smile:

isn’t this the same sad story
that was posted on another message board earlier today?


If it is, why post it twice?


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The original poster of this thread didn't do a comprehensive search of all other threads posted today for similar content... If, not, they owe you an apology!!! Absolutely!! (that was sarcasm... :-o )

A pox upon me,
for not doing my due diligence

I don’t read other boards.


where’s the turbine?
from the video, looks more like your classic low head dam accident to me


Kayaker #3

Safe. And not so safe.

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G'night, my friend bohemia.

summary of events_translation
I happen to speak Slovenian (not kidding) and from what I hear over the music at the beginning of the video the summary is:

The trip was apparently organized by the Lord Mayor and construction company representatives.

The canoes were supplied by some outfitter and the paddlers were offered PFDs but only two wore them.

It does not look like that any of them were really experienced.

One of the canoes hit the dam’s pylon before the rapid and capsized immediately, while ofter canoes capsized once in the rapid.

One canoe made it through without incident and that one became the rescue canoe to others in trouble.

They fished the paddlers out of the water one by one and delivered them to shore or other boat (?) but some were in bad shape.

One canoe broke in half while the other remained in one piece but occopants went in the water.

The rescue operation was still undergoing (at time of interview) with dam levels being dropped to allow divers recover the bodies.

In my opinion it looks like that a whole bunch of officials wanted to make a “last” descent before the dam was flooded and lacking experience they bit more that they could chew.

The lack of PFDs might have contributed to have some many casualties.

Moral of the story: it’s all fun and games until somebody drowns. Most likely lack of experience was the biggest problem.


If I die on the river will
P.net close down for the day or do I have to have a p.netter with me?

… G_K sarcasm

They will Piss on your grave

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You and a couple of others.

I just hope that no one dies white water or sea kayaking in the I&M canal. I can't imagine the repercussions from something like that. It would be like the freakin Gong Show.

I sure hope you guys did some …
research to make sure they had their PFD’s on.



I’ve actually paddled the IL and MI Cana

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Small world, NT. I have actually paddled the I and M Canal on many occasions with magicpaddler, bruce, yanoer, ice9, and several others. Very safe place to paddle, and a wonderful thirty mile stretch. Highly recommended. There are small dams on the I and M--the crumbling remains of the locks themselves--that could, I suppose, sneak up on a paddler who was too busy enjoying a plastic bottle of Popov vodka--areas like this:

But by and large, those are well marked and in a low flow zone.

There is a hydroelectric dam on the fast moving Illinois River immediately adjacent to the I and M, though, and I have paddled that also, and care must be taken to avoid the Desden Dam. It is more modest in size to the one in Slovania, but large compared to most.


I should do a trip report on the Illinois River and mention that dam and save a life. There is a take-out by the lilly pads east of that dam about 200 yards upstream that allows a fairly short portage to the I and M Canal. The take out is near where that flickr photo from nevermind1515 was snapped. In a fast moving water environment as we've had in the midwest recently, I can imagine an inebriated paddler getting sucked into the hydraulic like a grape through a window fan. I am going to write that Illinois River report one of these days. Thanks for reminding me to do so, NT.

Gnarly, thanks for the Slovanian interpretation. Sounds like you agree with bohemia, that there were no turbines that they got sucked into--simply a mishap on the down-dam hydraulic. Sad. I also got from your interp that the canoeists were the acual officials who had some input into the construction of the dam or the power company or something. Is that right? Very ironic.

Bohemia, like your link to the Cali photo, but want you to link some of you paddling on that surly yet comely coastline in your non-Straightjacket PFD.

there were officials
from the construction company on board of the canoes.

It looks like that the flotilla was made up from local hot shots politicians and they were possibly doing a PR event. From the video I would say that were a bit too many paddlers on board and none seem to wear a PFD (although the interviewee says that he believes that the lifejackets would have not helped… not sure if his opinion is professional or just an amateurish observation since he was involved in the incident). It does not mention any carnage in the turbines (most likely there is grid before the inlet, you would think…)


Are you the “see no evil” monkey?