8' sturgeon from kayak.


Any fish even a small one is a thill in a kayak. This one is special. I remember hooking a tarpon while fishing from a sink and hoping it got off before getting to my boat.

That’s just crazy!

Yeah…I know right where that is.

In Fla the fishing kayak crowd have caught tarpon and sailfish from kayaks. Why not… other than sturgeon are usually a protected species. But I know they fish for them in Oregon.

It was a legal “catch and release”.

Amazing fish but a terrible video. Could have been edited down to 15 seconds.

For those who don’t know, sturgeon are a fish that changes sex when they reach about 5 feet. That is when they are able to procreate and that is why it is generally illegal to keep them beyond that size. On the Columbia River, the minimum keeper has to be about 39 inches unless you are a sea lion. I’ve watched Stellar sea lions swallow smaller sturgeon (2’ +) whole.

I have seen a lot of sturgeon over 7 feet long while paddling on the Columbia, but they have all been dead, Up by Bonneville Dam, they used to keep some real live monster sturgeon in a pond, but I haven’t been up there for a long time and don’t know if they still have any of them.

In Montana’s Flathead Lake, there used to be stories about 30’ Sturgeon.

Here in northern Michigan, volunteers guard the fish as they make their way upstream to spawn.


A good thing.