800 lb Sturgeon caught in Fraser River

many of you might have seen this already. a monster of a dinasaur shown on the tube. 90 minutes of fight.

the fish was released after posing for photos. it was estimated at 120 years old.

Q- do you think this old guy lived after being released? i don’t know enough about this species to have an idea how long they can sustain a fight to the surface without harm.

any thoughts?

That’s an unknowable. Release of big
sharks and bill fish seems to work ok, as does releasing big catfish. Hopefully, they took the pictures from the boat, minimized the time out of the water and maybe resuscitated the fish a bit, but how do you do that with a fish that size?

it’s what i figured
but i just thought i’d ask. serious fishermen are more knowledgeable than i on this.

one thing for sure;

he dies if you do not release it.

There’s not one serious fishman on
pnet, just a bunch of guys having a good time and sometimes catching a fish or three.

I think it’s time to move this to B & B

The surviveability of Sturgeon is
generally very good. They have no natural predators in the waters thay are caught, and have prehistoric biology, which means HARDY. Like Catfish, they can survive low oxygen levels.

this one most likely survived, if handled properly… ie… Not held out of the water for too long, not supported properly when held.

They have tagged and released Sturgeon in the Sacramento delta for decades, and often recatch the same ones later.

Was this from a kayak? If so, what a sleighride that would be!

Oh and Jerl…I am a serious fisherman first, and kayaker second. Twenty seven countries and hundreds of fish species I have encountered in my travels.


That was said with a smile. While not
as well traveled Yak, I catch my share.