87' 18' We-no-nah Sundowner

I have a 18’ Red Wenonah Sundowner that looks like new yet even though it was built in 87’. I have been thinking about selling it and I am having a hard time putting a value on it. It is about 75lbs so probably composite and not Kevlar. Is there anyone who can give me a true selling value? I really appreciate it!

It helps to know where you are located
For example, if you’re in Kansas it’s probably worth less than if you’re in Minnesota.

Good point, I am on the Minnesota Border. So could you price it according to Minnesota?

For Kevlar I would go a grand on a boat
that vintage.

Glass…I am thinking of selling a Sawyer 190 of that age in glass. It won’t fetch above 600.

While your boat might be unused, that fact its 72 lbs and meant mostly for flatwater is not going to bring you what you might like.

I had the same number in mind Kim did
around 600

Thanks for your input. It’s so hard to know with all the new Wenonah’s in the 1500 to 2500 range.

That’s not to say you can’t get more
The right buyer would probably pay more. But there’s always the question of how long you want to keep it for sale.

Oh sure you can tootle it around

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and get lots of lookers and a feel for what the market would bring..I wouldn't start at six as a seller.

But I don't think I would start at a grand either. Its a nice feeling when the buyer feels there is a negotiation. But a grand might turn them off..you never quite know..

Weigh it again
there was only one layup for the 18’Sundowner that approached 70# and that was extra-stiffened fiberglass. With options like wood trim and sliding seats front and rear it might hit 70#. Is the bottom smooth or does it have raised ribs? Does it have ribs up the sides to almost the gunwales? What color is the interior?

A core-stiffened fiberglass Sundowner will be in the mid 50# range and worth near $1000 with a yoke and sliding seat. Cross-rib or Center-Rib are both low 60# range and more like $700. The heavy extra-stiffened layup is your $600 canoe.

The Sundowner is a great all-around canoe. It was Wenonah’s best seller for over 10 years. It is fast and still pretty stable. Slots in a tad slower than the 18 Jensen, but quicker than the 18 Champlain. More depth and capacity than the Jensen, but less capacity than the Champlain.