89' Malecite

I picked up an1989 Malecite for dirt cheap. It was minus any gunwales, thwarts, seats, just the hull but it is in good shape for it’s age. It was like having a bowl of jello on the racks for the ride home but a LOT of rope made for a safe journey.

Now here’s what is curious is that the decals are not the usual white but are in gold. I’m just curious as it’s the first I’ve seen of these in that color. An Anniversary edition? Anyone of the skinny on this hull for that year? Thanks.


What color’s the hull?

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Is there any wood from the boat left at all? If so, is it stained?

Does it have pinstripes? And, perhaps more importantly, is it Kevlar?

My '97
…has gold decals too. Eggplant hull. Nothing special about it that I’m aware of.

I saw your topic and thought, “Wow, that’s a really big canoe!” :wink:

Gold Stickers…
Gold stickers were used on Mad Rivers that got dark stained gunwales, seats, etc. Dark stain was usually a “special option” for an up charge. Additionally, all sand colored Mad’s got a dark stained wood package standard.


Thanks, Rob.

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I'd mistakenly thought that package only came on the Kevlar boats.

Just curious. How does Jim Henry pronounce "Malecite", "seat" or "sight"?

Openboater Beat Me Too It
He’s got your explanation. But the gold lettering and color of old kevlar sure do look nice on an old MRC like my Courier. Love those old, Vermont built Mad River Canoes!


Don’t Hurt Your Eyes
Looking at my new project. You might a can of liquid courage!


I do love the Malecite, it’s such a fast and sweet hull so in Kevlar I’ll be pretty happy when I eventually finish it.


Put a long straightedge on the bottom
Let us know if it has asymmetrical rocker.

You’re Fearless
Doug that is a Malecite in need of just the right guy. Its a bold and confident task to undertake.

I’m looking for a Malecite myself and knowing my limitations, yours is not the one I’m looking for :-).

It will be great to follow your progress.


Good on you, Doug…
…for taking on that project. Hate to see a Malecite headed for the dump!

I think I’ve seen CEW describe how to fix such a puncture in the past. Maybe he’ll chime in.

Great find Doug!
I reckon you’ll look right sportin’ in that thing when you’re all done.

But if my math is correct, isn’t that two Malecites for you?

Second One
Clarion, Number two for me! The other is F/G and is from the early 90’s. This is my first kevlar hull though and with all my mishaps in the last couple of years I’m looking forward to a light hull. If I’m lucky I might have it on the water mid-summer! Finding stock for gunwales has become the new challenge as I prefer to mill my own brightwork.