92 And That's The Water

I went out paddling for a few hours on Lake Mead taking off from South Cove boat ramp. With an aluminum encased alcohol thermother I checked the lake’s temperatures for kicks. Sove Couth was at 87 as was the main body of the lake. Along Sandy Point there are some nice wading beaches. There the water was 92.

I don’t think I could find a better place to paddle, other than the Sea of Cortez.

Sandy Point is a mile long sand bar that sicks out into Lake Mead, with several outhouses available to the public. Because of the lack of a marina boaters that visit this area tend to be more laid back. Mostly house-boats were using the beaches with just a few ski-boats and one sea-plane. If you wanted to spend a three day weekend paddling and camping this is a good place for both beginners as well as the experienced. There are small sandy areas where kayakers can go but bigger boats avoid but yet are close enough to an outhouse to make the morning climb easy enough. From there you can work your way up into the Colorado River if you so desire. Across the lake from there is Jackass Flats (a good name for Washington DC) where you might see a small herd of jackasses.

South of South Cove are where you can find the islands in the area. One small one just a couple of miles from the ramp has a small beach and doesn’t seem to be of an interest to boaters. It’s near shore and a little hazardous for powerboats.

How far is it from Vegas and is there
any place to rent yaks in the area where you paddled? Sounds like fun.

Two Hours From Vegas
It a two hour drive from Vegas to Meadview, AZ. Turn left off Hwy. 93 south of mile marker 41. It’s another 45 min. from there.

I rent sit-on-top kayaks but you are responsible for getting them to the lake. Federal regs make it next to impossible to try and rent at the boat ramp. The fact that I have an office in town means that I don’t need to use federal property to run a business which is reason enough to be turned down.

Thanks for the info.

I had 93 degrees in the Delaware River
here in northeastern PA a few weeks ago. The huge bolders were working like heat exhangers.