A beautiful morning on Hartwell

I and my paddling partner had not been in a boat in a month. The heat has been the primary reason. Today was forecast for clear and a high of 86, so …
There have been a couple of other factors. My wife had a knee replaced and she was comfortable being by herself for the first time in 10 days. While she was in recovery for a week, I slipped on a wet garage floor and landed on my hip. I also managed to twist the foot and damage the connective tissue in my forefoot. It was a big ouch. Glad I have strong bones.
My friend is the only way I got out today. He loaded and unloaded the Pungos and helped me in and out of mine
Three miles were all I could handle today but I loved every foot.
I’ll be back thanks to paddling friends and family .


So nice you had good times on the water. Do take care of yourself!!