A beautiful waterfall surprise

A real paddler escorted we aging rec paddlers to this waterfall on the north end of Lake Hartwell. We paddled the lake for about 3 miles then up a shallow, tree lined creek for another half plus. We don’t know the name but it is worthy of a great one.


Getting to see such marvels, makes you just as “real” a paddler as anyone in another type boat. And it’s ability not age.:wink:


I came home feeling the age. 7 mile paddle mostly with the wind in our face , naturally. Total 5 hour drive.

Striking beauty.

Hey! That’s my home waters. Longnose Creek, named after the nearby mountain. Locals call it Fountain Falls. It wound be a nice place to swim if there weren’t so many cows upstream.

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Same as the headwaters of the French Broad when I paddled it way back. After you stood in the water you were wearing brown socks. Cow pastures lined it.

I hope we are not going back to the “brown socks” days given the Supreme Court’s recent gift to polluters by weakening the Clean Water Act. Maine’s late Senator Muskie would be on the warpath.