A Bevy of TS

Following Odette, TS Peter and Rose just fizzled out as minor Atlantic “fish storms.” Here comes TS Sam, with a possible shot of steriod in his swirling swagger.

We are near record pace for tropical storms… Climate change lemons.

Possible big swells along the east coast for the weekend after this… Time for lemonade.


Lucky East Coast paddlers…enjoy some waves!

What scared me is that, last year, a normal thunderstorm off Miami turned into a hurricane three days later.

Yeah the surfers are happy.

I’ve been accused of being “gleeful” whenever there are hurricanes around. Truthfully, I am not and always wish for “fish storms”, although landfall of minor hurricanes is needed to replenish the water table and reservoirs.

In recent years, I often feel a sense of dread when a hurricane quickly evolves from tropical low, especially when it is close to the east coast, and even more so when it’s in the Gulf Mexico. In recent times, these “natural events” have turned into costly disasters, in terms of lives and dollars…


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There have been sufficient tropical lows, storms and hurricanes in the open Altantic to stir the waters up. Some surfable swells were “sneaking” in all weekend. I say “sneaking” because the surf forecasters were only calling for 1-2’ waves for this weekend originally. When I checked Boston Buoy data on Saturday morning, I noted instead 10-11 second interval swells in the 2-3’ range. Good mellow stuff.

I drove over to the beach break just before lunch and found totally NO surfers at all out in the water. :grin: Evidently, Other surfers were relying on just the surf forecasting sites and not double checking with actual buoy data. I had the whole beach break to myself for several hours. :slight_smile:

Sunday conditons were even better, with 11 second swells in the 3-4’ range, with wavefaces cleaned up by a gentle offshore breeze. Other surfers caught on, however. Way more folks out in the water but still room to catch solo waves without someone else dropping.

Hurricane Sam, category 4, is still on track to throw swells up and down the east coast this week into the weekend.

Be careful. Have fun. :slight_smile:




Well, TS Victor just formed to keep Hurricane Sam company in the Atlantic waters. Wanda would be next name storm. We may again get into the supplemental names but, hopefully, not catching up with last year’s record of 30 named Atlantic storms…

The waters of “Pond” Atlantic is getting quite a stirring, sending ripples out every which way. A some point, we may be able to count on more regular incoming swells in New England to compete with the US west coast.

Guess, for New England surfers, we are getting the equivilent of “climate change lemonade…”

Stay safe if you are plan on paddling on east coast this week into the next.


Wow… This is what it might have looked like from the bridge of the Andrea Gail of the “Perfect Storm” fame (infamy?).

This is “sail-drone” footage from near the eye of Hurricane Sam.


I remember a news story of these “sail drones” earlier this year. Pretty amazing stuff.


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