A Big And Mighty River

The St. Lawrence… Must be 4-5X the width of the Charles River in Boston. Probably the same width and serious current flow (fast!) as the Mighty Mississippi at the St. Louis Arch.

No ship or boat traffic in sight.

Ah you are a few weeks early. KSF has good rentals and classes for Surf/Sup/Kayak whitewater but I don’t think they open until May. My son got his PhD in Montreal so we have visited many times, also I liked Quebec City.

Thanks for the link! Visit is spur of the moment. Weather is hot in Boston (record broken on Thursday). No waves in the forecast. Runners and tourists have been filling up the city in the lead up to the Boston Marathon. Decided to get out of town!

Thought I would go to Burlington. Just to got my passport (long story there!). What the heck, decided to go even farther north.

Kind of intriqued by this:

Another time, perhaps.


Ahh… just found out that the not-so-secret spots are southwest of where I am staying. Heck, they even have parking!