A bit of humor: rare SunDolphin Canoe for Sale

OK, check your bank accounts. I think that this may go well beyond the listed price. definitely a RARE find.

@TomL this may be a good addition to your fleet. :rofl:


:rofl: Sure has an abundance of “patina.”


That will buff right out!

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Thanks for thinking of me.

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a once proud dolphin left in the sun
looks now more tuna on gowaya fun bun
served up on platter with those gravel bar chips
red plate special 9-K-makazes’ well-aimed trip

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Okay, I am not a canoe guy, but I think the bow looks slightly concave.

I am not sure this is to spec, and I would have someone knowledgeable assess it before buying it. If the concaveness needs fixing, they should at least knock $200 off the price.

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Well, you know the seller does say that he(or she) is firm on the price. Also, don’t forget that a rare and vintage Coors cooler is included in the deal. That alone is worth $200 to the right buyer.

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Methinks the seller has a firm grip on biting satire.