A black mark on our record

Well, more accurately a black mark on our clothes. It does not bother me but my wife…

Been out on the used Perception Caretta a couple of times now, love the boat. The only wear I can describe is on the seat cushions, and they are leaving black marks on our clothing. Well, I guess it’s a big deal if we were to paddle to a waterside restaurant for lunch or something. (shoot, we need a rolleyes smiley on this forum!)

Anyone else encounter this and found a solution? Some effective cleaner that would remove loose residue but not damage further? I could, I guess, explore replacing the cushions but if that didn’t clear up the problem that’s money wasted.

Is it the cushions or the backbands?

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that is leaving the black marks on your clothes? I had the same issue with an older Impex kayak when the cloth cover on the neoprene backband wore out and the black neoprene started to disintegrate. I sent it back to Immersion Research and had it recovered.

If I remember correctly the backbands Perception used in some of their older kayaks were manufactured by Immersion Research as well. If it has the ski boot ratchets I am pretty sure IR made it. If you send them back to IR they will recover them and replace the ski boot ratchets with new stainless steel ones for a nominal fee plus shipping (which is cheaper than buying new backbands). The new cover will have the IR logo instead of the red Perception logo like the originals. Here is a link to their contact info. http://www.immersionresearch.com/about/

If it is the cushion, one option would be to just pull it out and sit on the hard seat, or contact Perception to see if you can get new ones.

In order of preference
1. Don’t worry about it.

2. Decide on a few sets of dedicated paddling clothing and don’t worry about it.

2. Simple Green or dish detergent and your garden hose. If that doesn’t work revert to 1 or 2.

3. Go to fabric store and buy a yard of nylon or poly cloth. Go to hardware store and buy a roll of duct tape. Make some covers.