A book

Can someone recommend a book a basic kayaking skills?

Strokes and Concepts
Whitewater Paddling Striokes and Concepts

Kayaking with Eric Jackson


Great beginner’s book …
I’ve learned a lot from “The Kayak Companion” by Joe Glickman. Very readable, to the point and amusing.


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I have ready many books on sea kayaking and have never had the learning experience of DVDs. This series is, in a word, exceptional. More costly than book(s), but the resale on eBay for these discs is about $125 for the set (perhaps you can find used, but most padlers keep the set), so your actual outlay is less.


The Book I’ve Gotten A Lot From…

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The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook by Shelly Johnson.

Very clearly written and lots of photos and illustrations.

Covers basic to advanced topics. From choosing kayaks and equipment to navigation skills, advanced paddling techniques, rolling, rope skills and knot tying, kayak camping gear and techniques, safety, practicing skills, etc...

my favorite:
Sea Kayaking Illustrated by John Robison


Funny and comprehensive

Lots of things you won’t find anywhere else

Still my favorite “Kayaking 101” book

Off to . . .
. . . Half Price Books and then Barnes and Nobles to see if I can find any of these. Thanks!

IMO, the best beginner’s book is…
…“The Essential Sea Kayaker” by David Seidman. He has a very sensible, progressive approach to building kayak skills that’s easy to follow.

a few sources

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I have a set of Nigel Foster DVDs on Sea Kayaking, as well as a few books. You are welcome to borrow and browse. Keep in mind that John, Nick, Mark and I have nice collection between us.

Cleveland Public Library has quite a few books on Sea Kayaking, I recommend at least borrowing them for evaluation purposes.


How about
"Get your butt out there and paddle"

by GK

He has written one of those, right?


Whitewater Bound

Thanks for the offer . . .
. . . I don’t feel comfortable borrow other folks books. Let me check to see what I can find at the local book seller and through the library.

Second the David Seidman book
for starting out. And for my money, the DVD “Sea kayaking: the ultimate guide” by Ken Whiting is the best of the DVDs - complete, concise, and with perfectly-demonstrated technique. I get something new out of it every time I watch it.