A bright note for us old creaky paddlers

Sing along to the disco beat:

But I like this one even more:


And here’s a KAYAK-ensconced song!


Everybody loves ‘em parodies!
Well, ‘cepts when look’n at me ole Auntie.
‘N should she take a dancin’ bout in her floral panty,
be it proper yellin’ Uncle considerin’ nekid dancin’? Shan’t he?

Ya no, it’s been nearly nine years since I wrote Weird Al with my twist to Hozier’s Take Me To Church, AND STILL no answer! Come onnnnn, mannn! It’s a winner!

Take me to Lurch,
there’s something here wrong!
I keep yanking this sash
but can’t get a gong!

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You forgot cranky.

“Ran into a chum
With a bottle of ibuprofen,
We ended up achin’ all night.”

          --from Jimmy Early Bird-Buffet's
             "A Pirate Looks At 70"

Those people look anything but cranky. And most of them still can dance, and I don’t mean slow dance.