A/C good advice.

Our central air stopped mid-day yesterday.It was 90 deg .Last night was a little warm.

The unit is very new and I had just put in a super allergen removing filter.Bad move according to the repair guy.He says if you go above a 10 FPR(???) you are choking the unit. With dense filters he says you need twice the area for the return.If not,the unit ices ,like mine, and shuts down.

Maybe this will save someone a repair bill and a hot night or 2.We’re starting our 2nd but the outside temp is down.

No A/C here
I slept in the hammock in the backyard last night. Will again tonight too.


I live with a woman who is always hot.
A/C is a necessity.In either case.

Still no A/C…
Haven’t turned ours on yet here in Eastern NC. Highs are in the 80s and up, but most nights are still in the 60s or 70s. Loving every minute of this beautiful weather, I didn’t think I was gonna make it out of that long winter!

Congrats to you!! NM

Hey! Alan Gage is back!
See you in SD this weekend…

No AC for two years now. You get used to it.

I do heating and A/C
and I agree with choking off the unit. They make ultra violet lights to go in the system to kill off bacteria and help out with allergys that won’t choke the unit and I think works better anyway. Dirty filters are the number one problem on most units. I live in NE PA and can’t imagine living without Central A/C so how you guys do it in warmer areas in amazing. It has made me weak in hot races though. I used to be better with it. I’ll take it though to sleep without sweating when it’s hot out. Good luck. Chaz

Love Cental Air.
Traveled for 15 years living in hotels and can’t sleep without it when the humidity and temps get up. My wife whines about the electric bill, but does not know how to use the system properly. I cleaned and blew out all the filters yesterday. Set the thermostat to 78 and let it take some of the humidity out of the air. Next three days in CT are supposed to be 90+ and muggy. I set the thermostat to 74/76 and forget about it. Keeps the house comfortable without constantly running.

See you there!
What are you paddling?

I’ll be in my Thunderbolt.